CAI 2017: 7th International Conference on Algebraic Informatics

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Datum und Uhrzeit

25.06.2017, 10:00 - 28.06.2017, 18:00
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Elite City Resort
Navarinou 2
24100 Kalamata, Greece


CAI 2017 List of talks by Track


Track 1: Automata Theory and Logic

Track 1: Invited Speaker

Heiko Vogler (TU Dresden, Germany)

Parsing of Natural Languages


Track 1: contributed talks

  1. Jean-Éric Pin and Xaro Soler-Escrivà 
    Languages and formations generated by D_4 and Q_8
  2. Ondrej Klima and Libor Polak 
    Syntactic structures of regular languages
  3. Pascal Caron, Jean-Gabriel Luque, Bruno Patrou 
    Improving witnesses for state complexity of catenation combined with boolean operations 
  4. Stefan Stanimirovic, Miroslav Ciric, J. Ignjatovic 
    An improvement of the determinization of fuzzy finite automata via factorization of fuzzy states 


Track 2: Cryptography and Coding Theory

Track 2: Invited Speaker

Claude Carlet (Universite Paris 8, France)

Boolean functions with constrained inputs and the cryptosystem FLIP


Track 2: contributed talks

  1. A topological approach to network coding 
    Cristina Martinez and Alberto Besana
  2. Pairing-Friendly Elliptic Curves Resistant to TNFS Attacks 
    Georgios Fotiadis and Elisavet Konstantinou
  3. Collaborative Multi-Authority Key-Policy Attribute-Based Encryption for Shorter Keys and Parameters 
    Riccardo Longo, Chiara Marcolla and Massimiliano Sala
  4. Approximation of Differential Equations of Chaotic Attractors: Numerical Method as Encryption Key Field 
    Hana Ali-Pacha, Naima Hadj-Said and Adda Ali-Pacha
  5. Conditional Blind Signatures 
    Alexandros Zacharakis, Panagiotis Grontas and Aris Pagourtzis
  6. Hash Function Design for Cloud Storage Data Auditing 
    Nikolaos Doukas, Oleksandr P. Markovskyi, Nikolaos G. Bardis
  7. Method for Accelerated Zero-Knowledge Identification of Remote Users based on Standard Block Ciphers 
    Nikolaos G. Bardis, Oleksandr P. Markovskyi, Nikolaos Doukas
  8. Determining Whether a Given Block Cipher is a Permutation of Another Given Block Cipher a Problem in Intellectual Property 
    Gregory V. Bard


Track 3: Computer Algebra

Track 3: Invited Speaker

Michael Wibmer (Dept. of Mathematics, Univ. of Pennsylvania)

"Computing difference algebraic relations among solutions of linear differential equations"


Track 3: contributed talks

  1. Ioannis Z. Emiris, Konstantinos Gavriil, Christos Konaxis 
    "Interpolation of syzygies for implicit matrix representation"
  2. Christoph Fuerst, Guenter Landsmann 
    "Reduction in free modules"
  3. Stephen Watt 
    "Specialization of Symbolic Polynomials"
  4. Philippe T. Gimenez 
    "Constructing small cellular free resolutions for monomial ideals"
  5. Ilias Kotsireas 
    "Low autocorrelation binary sequences (LABS)"
  6. J. Horacek, Martin Kreuzer, A.S. Messeng Ekossono 
    "A signature based border basis algorithm"
  7. Guenter Landsmann and Fürst 
    "Gröbner reduction in modules over arbitrary rings"
  8. G.H.E. Duchamp, Hoang Ngoc Minh, Quoc Hoan Ngo 
    "The algebra of Kleene stars of the plane and polylogarithms"
  9. Le Ngoc Long 
    "Computing the Dedekind different of smooth schemes and applications"
  10. Petroula Dospra and Dimitrios Poulakis 
    "Efficient algorithms for special roots of quaternion polynomials"
  11. Takis (Panajiotis) Sakkalis 
    "Quaternion polynomials: Roots and their Jacobians"
  12. Khanh Linh Tran 
    "Kähler differential algebras for 0-dimensional schemes"



Track 4: Design Theory

Track 4: Invited Speaker

Charles J. Colbourn (Arizona State University, USA)

"Computational and Recursive Constructions of Perfect Hash Families"


Track 4: contributed talks

  1. AG Codes, t-designs and Partition Sets 
    Cristina Marinez and Alberto Besana
  2. Covering Arrays as Set Covers 
    Ludwig Kampel, Bernhard Garn, and Dimitris E. Simos
  3. Kochen-Specker Sets and Hadamard Matrices 
    Petr Lisonek
  4. Number of t-tuples in arrays from LFSRs 
    Daniel Panario, Brett Stevens and Georgios Tzanakis
  5. Disjoint q-Steiner systems in dimension 13 
    Michael Braun and Alfred Wassermann
  6. New Constant Weight Codes and Packing Numbers 
    Iliya Bluskov
  7. The Lovasz Local Lemma and Variable Strength Covering Arrays 
    Lucia Moura, Sebastian Raaphorst and Brett Steven


Track 5: Natural and Quantum Computing

Track 5: Invited Speaker

Lila Kari (University of Waterloo, Canada)

"Was Pegasus a mammal or a bird? How to measure and visualize (real or synthetic) species' relatedness"


Track 5: contributed talks

  1. Resistance Analysis for Quantum Hashing 
    Farid Ablayev, Marat Latypov, Alexander Vasiliev, and Artur Vasilov
  2. Branching Program Complexity of Quantum Hashing 
    Farid Ablayev and Marat Ablayev
  3. Mika Hirvensalo 
    Interference as a computational resource